Founded in May 1983, Norasil – Sociedade de Construção Civil, S.A., (with Headquarters and Central Yard in Matosinhos) has as its main object the execution of public works contracts and private works.

The decision to create this construction company was the consequence of natural evolution and aspiration of its Founder – Joaquim António Nogueira da Hora (Engenheiro Civil), today Chairman of the Board of Directors, who have always exercised the profession in construction companies.

Since then, Norasil grew in parallel with the Firm Nogueira da Hora – Sociedade Imobiliária, Lda. founded in March 1983, and whose fundamental objective is to promote real estate (acquisition, retrieval, processing and marketing real estate). Both are a group of family-owned companies, whose entire capital is held by five members of the same family.

By strategy, which has persisted since the founding, Norasil developed and implemented skills, techniques and expertise in several specific areas of civil construction, since the infrastructure engineering works, embracing also the finishing and decoration. To this end, were acquired the technical and human means suitable, being today a technical body and a park of equipment to ensure the capacity of implementation of an annual business volume of more than twelve million euros.

The evolution of the company’s growth, based on continuous implementation of actions defined in the strategic plan, has allowed, even though the activity is develop preferably in Continental Portugal, being today a midsize, with renowned name in public and private works market, with significant customer loyalty and confidence reinforced before banks, Suppliers, subcontractors and Employees in General.

From the perspective of evolution and improvement, and based both on the environment and on climate, both in experience and background of the company, in recent years we have established and maintain some other strategic options, including:

✓ Creating partnerships to develop and negotiate to ensure competitive levels and increase synergies.