Quality Policy

1. Mission

✓ The growing appreciation of the quality of built work;
✓ The systematic validation of rules aimed at the full satisfaction of our Customers;
✓ The encouragement of innovation and technological development and management;
✓ Good practices, quickly and safely in the implementation;
✓ The search for new business opportunities and business cooperation;
✓ The support and improvement of driver’s license for the activity.

2. Vision

✓ Strengthen Norasil’s position in the market of public and private works;
✓ Boost confidence in banks, Customers, service providers and Employees in General;
✓ Make stronger contractual links;
✓ Increase the degree of integration, satisfaction and motivation of our associates;
✓ Quality growth and competitiveness with the encouragement of innovation and improvement of knowledge;
✓ Foster continues reducing costs, without prejudice to the quality, productivity and effectiveness.

3. Values and Objectives

✓ Fulfilment of commitments, in a framework of professionalism and responsibility;
✓ Take over as vocation the supply of a service of excellence, putting all the efforts, experience and knowledge in all that running;
✓ The performance of individual functions respecting principles of ethics, accuracy and efficiency;
✓ The development of a philosophy of continuous improvement involving all employees;
✓ Promote and increase in Staff team spirit, contributing so everyone has the perception that the overall performance of the company resulting from the combination of the individual efforts.

4. Strategy

✓ The enlargement of the geographical area of action to any National and/or international Territory;
✓ The creation of partnerships, to develop and negotiate to ensure competitive levels and increase synergies;
✓ Maintaining an economically viable activity;
✓ Promote systematically the analysis of technical and economic solutions, with objectivity and rigor;
✓ Contribute to ensure consistently reiterated the confidence and preference of former clients, ensuring in each work a relationship of proximity, availability and connecting interested with customers;
✓ Promote the constant updating of knowledge and the frequency of training;
✓ The promotion and enhancement of the image of the company.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors